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Lots of people say that Ms. Zhou has a very good heart, easy to talk to and she is sincere. Several years ago, Zhou lawyer helped me successfully apply for L1 visa and green card. Then, I moved my business to out of state. Last year, I moved back to FL. When I was buying a house in FL, June helped me to complete the sales contract and the transaction smoothly. But because business was so slow, I could not keep up with payment of mortgage and home owners’ association fees. My bank and home owners association sued me in Court seeking for auction my house. During the procedure, I was afraid to tell it to my wife because she was pregnant. I cannot sleep at night and was so worried to lose the house and become homeless. Ms. Zhou was very sympathetic to me and worked out installment payment. We went to court several times. Finally, the Court canceled the auction. I now can keep the property, have a beautiful baby daughter and I find a new job. Thanks my lawyer for everything!