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Our client is a citizen of Macho and a U.S.  permanent resident with several U.S. permanent resident teenage children.  He had an argument at the restaurant where he worked and threatened a co-worker with a kitchen knife.  He was arrested and charged with assault with deadly weapon.  He and his family could not sleep and worried that he would be deported after the conclusion of the criminal court proceeding. His children were so worried that they would be separated from their father.  We gathered evidence and witnesses.  We were able to obtain the government’s agreement of no action.  At his court appearance, the government announced to take no action. The client is free to go and to keep his green card and stay with his family.


The client is a Chinese citizen and student in an University of South Florida. He was so distressed and got himself drunk at a bar because his girlfriend broke up with him. While he appeared so drunk and was standing the outside of the restaurant, someone reported him to the police. When police came, he resisted arresting  by a police officer because he did not know what he was doing.  He hired us to help him before the criminal court in Broward County. After several court appearances, his case finally dismissed and he now is able to continue study in the U.S.


Our client, a German National and Canada citizen, a business owner, was arrested at a U.S. board while he was trying to enter the U.S. for a business trip to South Florida because his past tax related criminal records in Canada.  After he was released from detention, he hired us to apply for L1A visa when he opened a branch in South Florida. We helped him to file L1A visa petitions for him and his executive secretary. Both L1A visa petitions were approved within one week after we submitted them to the USCIS.  One year later, we filed L1A visa extension, which was approved rapidly.  Within several months after approval of his L1A extension, his U.S. permanent resident card (Green card) was approved.


Client was detained at BTC, Broward transaction center due to illegal entry and stay for more than 4 years.  We requested for withholding of removal. We represented the client before the Immigration Court in BTC and successfully obtained the Withholding of Removal.


The client had removal order by a NY judge about 10 years ago.  I-130 filed by his U.S. citizen father were approved.  His multiple motions to reopen filed by NY attorneys were denied.  The client hired us to file an appeal to the BIA on denial of his motion to reopen.  Our appeal was granted,  the case was reopened; and the venue was transferred from NY to Miami, FL.  We had removal proceeding terminated.  His U.S. permanent resident based on 245(i) is approved.  The client now is happily living with his wife and two U.S. citizen children in South Florida and successfully operating several Chinese restaurants.


The Client has an outstanding removal order and was arrested for driving without a valid driver’s license. We first had his case of driving without license dismissed before Miami criminal court. The client then was transferred to Porte raga Detention Center by U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement waiting for deportation due to his past Removal Order by an out of state Immigration Court.  At the time, the client has US citizen children who were under 21. We immediately filed a Motion to Stay from Removal and a Motion to Reopen before the BIA.  We secured a bond. The client was released from the deportation and now live with his children in south Florida.  He will be able to apply for a lawful resident and 601A waiver by his U.S. citizen children when they reach the age of 21 in the near future and by his now a permanent resident wife who becomes a U.S. citizen in the near future.


Client was detained in Glads County Detention Center for multiple driving violence and multiple misdemeanors; and has a long term U.S. citizen girlfriend. We arranged a marriage ceremony at the detention center.  We filed I-130 petition, which was approved.  Despite the conviction, the  immigration bond was granted before the Immigration Judge at Krome Detention Center.


A client entered the United States without inspection more than 10 years ago. He had applied for adjustment of status to lawful permanent resident by his U.S. citizen wife but was denied. His parents, siblings and children are all U.S. citizens and Permanent residents. The client was placed in removal proceedings and we submitted an application for cancellation of removal for non-permanent residents based on extreme and exceptionally unusual hardship to his mother if he were to be deported from the United States.  After a full hearing before an Immigration Judge, an Order was entered granting permanent residency to our client. He will now be able to remain in the United States to help care for his ailing mother. The trial attorney from the Office of Chief Counsel did not reserve appeal so this is a final order.

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